Startup Thinking: Ideation, Prototyping and Testing

This is our second episode. Today we’ve got Ian Brookes again, we want to talk about the very start of the startup journey, which is all about the ideation, prototyping, testing. Basically everything that you need to do before you ready to start thinking about what a potential MVP or Minimum Viable Product. Wherever you are on your startup journey, get in touch, and let’s unpack your thinking together and see where we can help turn your idea into a reality. Get in touch!

Ian Brookes can be found here:The founding father of, Ian has spent the last decade working as a co-founder, investor, and board member/advisor with a number of tech businesses and startups, with hands-on fundraising experience of c£64m via PLUS, AIM, FTSE, and VC/PE.LinkedInTwitterEmail: ________________________________________________________________________James Brookes can be found here:James is Head of Projects, a role that starts with the first meeting with a potential client, through project inception and delivery phases with responsibility for agile processes and resourcing, and encompasses all aspects of the commercial relationship with a client.LinkedInTwitterEmail: jamesb@thestartupfactory.tech________________________________________________________________________The Startup Factory can be found here:Building startup businesses and technology products. Our experience puts you in a unique position to accelerate startup growth and innovation, and mitigate the risk of startup failure. Website: RESOURCES & LINKS: ►Our latest blogs:►Follow us on Vimeo:►Find us on LinkedIn:►Find us on Twitter:►Find us on Medium: can email your questions and comments

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